Special Needs Advocacy

Bridging relationships between home and school

A special needs advocate plays a crucial role in supporting families navigating the complexities of the educational and healthcare systems for their children with special needs.

We offer advocacy primarily for families in South Florida and Jamaica; offering invaluable guidance, empowerment and knowledge about their rights and available resources.

As Special Needs Advocates we help parents understand the intricacies of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), ensuring that their child’s educational plan is tailored to meet their unique requirements.

We provide emotional support, helping families navigate the often overwhelming journey of securing appropriate services and accommodations for their child. Advocates collaborate with parents to decipher complex terminologies, attend meetings with school officials, and ensure that the child’s voice and needs are heard and respected.

By arming families with information and advocating for their child’s rights,  advocates foster a sense of empowerment, enabling families to make informed decisions and advocate effectively for their child’s well-being and educational success. 

Advocacy looks like...

personalized support, proactive communication, and empowered families navigating the educational journey with confidence and understanding.

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Initial Advocacy Fee

Secure your Advocate for the School Year

$ 150
  • Includes Monthly Check-In

Observations & Meetings

$ 25
  • 1 Domain Name

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