ADHD Coaching For Teens & Adults

We Hear You!

ADHD is hard to handle alone.
…say HELLO to a more fulfilling journey!

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the challenges of living with ADHD.

From difficulties with focus and organization to feeling misunderstood by others, life can feel like a constant struggle.

But don’t worry, we have ADHD coaches ready to to provide support and guidance. Together, we’ll explore effective strategies tailored to your unique needs, helping you thrive and reach your full potential.

Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a life where you can embrace your strengths, overcome obstacles, and find success on your own terms.

Let’s navigate the ADHD journey together.

ADHD Coaching empowers ADHD-ers to:

Our coaching is perfect for persons who…

Struggle with:

  • ADHD
  • Everyday tasks.
  • School & Work 
  • Building and maintaining relationships.

Often Feels:

  • Frustration, shame, guilt, and sadness.
  • Misunderstood, as if they don’t fit in, or labelled as wrong or broken.
  • Low self-esteem and a lack of confidence stemming from years of feeling “wrong.”
  • A sense of hopelessness, isolation, and overwhelming emotions.


  • To develop their executive functioning skills
  • Things to be different but don’t know where to start

Discover Our Coaching Options

Strategy & Planning

Individual and Family

$120 per Session

For both individuals and parents of ADHD students, our coaching partnership begins with a 60-90-minute virtual Strategy & Planning Consultation.

We’ll delve into assessments that illuminate your true self, and identify areas you desire to change. Together, we’ll unearth passions, abilities, strengths, skills, and values, learning to apply them to all aspects of life. By this consultation’s end, we’ll establish a clear direction for our ongoing sessions, empowering you or your child to thrive.

ADHD Co-Pilot

Two (2) 1:1 Coaching Sessions

$90 per Month

Experience a monthly coaching program (2 sessions a month) designed for individuals overcoming the challenges of ADHD.

Through our two 45-minute sessions, this program will empower you with self-awareness, growth, and customized strategies to achieve your goals.

Embark on a transformative journey of empowerment, unlocking your full potential month after month as we create the life you desire.

ADHD Co-Pilot Pro

Six (6) 1:1 Coaching Sessions

$260 for 3 Months

Unlock your full potential with our 6-session coaching program designed for individuals ready to overcome ADHD challenges.

Experience the power of ongoing support and growth.

Together, we’ll create a personalized ADHD Success Plan, equipping you with effective strategies for organization, stress reduction, and increased confidence.

Not Ready To Go All In?
Here’s the First Step.

We’ll help you figure out the right support for your ADHD journey in a 30-minute call.


Trying to figure out if you may have ADHD?

Our self-screener can help you take the first step to understanding!

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