ADHD Workshops

Join our ongoing workshops designed to support both parents of children with ADHD and teens.

Gain a personal understanding of Executive Function and ADHD, and discover effective ways to support yourself and your child while nurturing personal growth and well-being.

Don’t miss out on these in-depth opportunities to build a supportive community, share ideas, and learn actionable tools that you can implement immediately to create positive change in your family dynamic.


Learn valuable insights and knowledge about Executive Function and ADHD to understand and support your child effectively.


Insightful: Gain wisdom and deep insights that empower both parents and teens in their journey of growth and development.


Focus: We take a deep dive into core messages to parents and teens, providing focused and relevant information to address specific challenges.


Effective: Receive practical and actionable strategies to help parents support their child with ADHD and enhance their academic performance.


Our workshops are designed to foster an ongoing and inclusive environment, ensuring that everyone can access valuable insights and strategies regardless of when they join. No need to worry about missing a cohort – our community is always welcoming, empowering, and ready to support you on your journey of growth and success.

Join us today and be a part of a vibrant community that keeps on growing and learning together!

The Mind Mavericks

5 Week Programme (For High School Students)

$ 240 USD

A collaborative coaching experience for secondary school students with ADHD. Join our virtual community to develop essential executive functioning skills for academic success and life skills. Learn practical strategies in organization, time management, goal-setting, studying, test taking and problem-solving.

Connect with like-minded peers, engage in open discussions, and support each other's growth.

Let's unlock your potential, enhance your skills, and thrive together.

Unleash the Maverick within you!

These weekly meet-up sessions will cover:

- Study Skills
- Note Taking
- Goal Setting
- Time Management
- Overcoming Procrastination
- Test Anxiety and Preparation
- Critical Thinking and Comprehension


- 4 Virtual 30 minute Accountability Calls

Upon completing the Mind Mavericks program, students have the option to participate in continued weekly accountability calls for $80 per month. These 15-minute calls are dedicated to ensuring that students stay on top of their weekly academic tasks and goals. It's an opportunity for ongoing support, guidance, and accountability to maintain their progress and achieve their desired outcomes.

Empowered Parenting: Nurturing ADHD Potential for Young Minds

6 Week ADHD Parenting Lab

$ 200 USD

Join our transformative 6-week ADHD parenting lab designed specifically for parents of young children (elementary and primary level) with ADHD.

Embark on a journey with us as we explore how ADHD impacts your family life and equip you with practical strategies to implement at home. Gain a deeper understanding of ADHD and discover effective techniques to create a supportive and harmonious environment for your family.

Let us guide you in navigating the challenges of ADHD, empowering you with the tools and knowledge to make a positive difference in your daily life. Together, we will debunk negative beliefs and foster a positive parenting community that embraces neuro-diversity.

Together, we'll create and navigate a personalized ADHD Success Plan, developing effective strategies and tools for organization, stress reduction, and increased confidence.

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We offer corporate workshops that foster a collaborative and empowered learning community, where participants gain actionable strategies, heart-centered insights, and personalized definitions of Executive Function and ADHD, enhancing productivity and growth within your organization or for your target audience.

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